To Whom It May Concern,

Our home selling experience with Sharon Jenkins was a breeze. She was wonderful to work with. She responded to all our calls and texts and was always available to meet with us and stayed on top of everything.  Sold our house and closed in a month! Thank you Sharon!

– Dave and Sue M.


To Whom It May Concern,

My husband and I cannot express our appreciation enough for the services, care and guidance provided by Sharon Jenkins. From our initial meeting, we felt comfortable with our conversations and that she understood our interests. We trusted that we would be in good hands and today, we can attest that we were in EXCELLENT hands!

We were faced with selling 3 properties from over 3,000 miles away. Our family lost a loved one and many administrative duties followed – including selling real estate.  Sharon allowed us to focus on important tasks while guiding us through the process of selling these homes.  She always had our best interests in mind, however she presented us with options so we could make an educated choice that suited our family, as well as the possibilities and opportunities in front of us. We were always “in charge” and she honored our decisions.

Sharon helped us navigate through the efficient and successful sale of 3 homes. We were able to travel to California a few times to discuss details and walk through the properties with her in-person. She guided us by phone and email through the majority of the process. We relied on her knowledge of the local real estate market, trends, and resources which were invaluable to us.

I am thankful that the sale of each home was so smooth and “easy”. When selling a home there are so many hoops to jump through and decisions to make. When you add not being in the same state, this presents even greater challenges. Sharon helped us figure it ALL out – she met estimators, inspection agents, contractors and even extended herself on a more personal level by shipping our heirloom silver to Virginia that was left behind.

We are so appreciative of Sharon – her time and energy, her guidance and professionalism and her overall care for our family and the sale of the homes. We would seek her assistance again and again and highly recommend working with her.

– Shawn and Carolyn C.


To Whom It May Concern,

We were extremely happy to have Sharon Jenkins work with us to sell our home. Sharon scheduled all meetings and interactions at our convenience after work and on weekends. She provided us with outstanding advice about how to prepare our home for sale. She promptly returned all phone calls and had advertising in place as soon as possible. She worked hard, illustrated a great understanding of contract details, negotiation etiquette and documentation. She has incredible attention to detail, excellent follow-through, and is extremely kind and personable. We found Sharon to be a delight to work with and a professional in every sense of the word.

Our home was under contract in 4 days after listing. We are confident that the reason we were able to keep negotiations on track after an inspection revealed foundation issues was due to her expertise. We really appreciated Sharon’s calm reassurance and expert advice throughout the entire process. Sharon was the outstanding professional we were looking for and having her work with us made a nerve-wracking negotiation a wonderful success!

Most Sincerely,

– Scott & Mary D.


To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great excitement I write this recommendation for Sharon Jenkins on behalf of my wife and I in regards to her exceptional service as our real estate agent.  After working in the city of San Marcos for eight years, my family and I decided to purchase our first home in this amazing community.  Once we began our search on the Internet, I spoke with several co-workers about our plans to buy a home and it quickly became clear that we needed to meet with Sharon to discuss our goals.  Our first meeting with Sharon exceeded our expectations, as she took the time necessary to get to know who we were and what goals we had in purchasing a home.

With a clear picture of the features we desired in a home, Sharon customized an MLS search and kept us updated on a daily basis with email, phone, and text message communications.  Throughout the process Sharon was extremely patient and understanding when visiting homes with our two young children.  Although our kids were sometimes rambunctious, Sharon enjoyed their reactions to each new home and reassured us they made the experience fun for her. It was evident that Sharon spent time preparing for each visit by providing detailed informational sheets including MLS listings, neighborhood comps and taking notes during each of our home viewings.  Sharon’s experience and depth of knowledge in each community proved to be a huge advantage when determining the best locations for raising a family and preserving the resale value of our home.

What impressed me most about Sharon’s role in representing us as buyers was her desire to get to know us as a family. We spent countless weekends viewing homes and driving through the various neighborhoods in San Marcos until we found the perfect home. During the months of our search, Sharon was never deterred by our indecision nor did she express any frustrations. Her positive attitude and stick-to-itiveness are an asset to any home buyer or seller who be lucky to have on their team!

We are extremely satisfied with the level of customer service, attention to detail, and experience that Sharon brings to the table.  She successfully assisted us in finding our dream home when our goal was simply to find an affordable home.  She exceeded our greatest expectations in every way. I recommend Sharon Jenkins in the highest regard as a real estate agent and intend to utilize her for any future real estate transactions.


-Herbie & Marjeri S.


To Whom It May Concern,

During my professional career, I have had occasion to write dozens of letters of recommendation for talented, committed hard-working educators. During that same time period, I also had occasion to work directly with probably a dozen professional relators. However, I never had occasion or desired to write a letter of recommendation for a talented, committed, hard-working realtor, until I worked with SHARON JENKINS. 

Having never written a letter of recommendation for a relator, I turned to the industry to identify top traits to determine how many of those traits SHARON JENKINS possesses. Not surprisingly, she exhibited all of these traits when (while residing in another state), I hired her to sell my mother’s family home of 40 years.

According to Real Estate Insider Magazine, 10 characteristics of a successful realtor include:

  • Local knowledge
  • Organized with attention to detail
  • Connections and representation
  • Tenacity
  • Aggressive yet polite attitude
  • Flair and good grooming
  • Knowledge of technology
  • Honesty
  • Hardworking

By every definition, SHARON JENKINS is a successful and talented realtor; that, and so much more. She is well-connected in her community and tirelessly gives back to her clients and to others through the multiple hats she has worn as a relator, school board member and city council woman.

SHARON JENKINS almost single-handedly prepared my home for sale and was not only the realtor, but property manager, point-of-contact, and even handy woman (when needed) to get the job done in less than 2 months. I would highly recommend SHARON JENKINS to anyone looking for a realtor and hoping for a smooth, speedy, successful home sale or purchase.

-Lucy D.


To Whom It May Concern,

The purpose of this correspondence is to relate some of my own experiences with real estate agent, Sharon Jenkins, of North County Associated Brokers.

While living some hours away in another city, it became necessary for me to see my parents’ final home where they had lived for the past thirty-seven years.  It was located in the community of Lake San Marcos.  Sharon began her work by giving me a wealth of customized ideas and objective suggestions intended at increasing the value of the house, but at a minimum of expense.

I asked Sharon for suggestions of carpet suppliers.  She not only provided me with sounds ones, but traveled herself to numerous of them, bringing back samples and pricing for me to see and compare in the house.  I later requested her referral for an interior designer to assist me with paint color schemes.   Sharon not only put me in touch with an excellent choice, but accompanied them to my house and took notes in the background so none of their recommendations would be forgotten or lost.

There were many times when workers, inspectors, or others needed access to the house while I was not in town.  Sharon always volunteered herself to me to be on-site for them on my behalf.  This saved me an enormous amount of time and travel.  Sharon also made on-the-spot related payments for me out of her own funds on several occasions, allowing me to reimburse her from out of town by mail.

Almost daily, Sharon kept me well informed as to all of the activity, events, and aspects related to the real estate market in my neighborhood.  There was never a time that I didn’t feel I was fully in charge.  While there were gaps in sales activity from time to time, Sharon never allowed for discouragement to take place, and always prompted me into believing that I would reach my objectives.  She was also quite vigilant and very thorough during all of the paperwork of the sale and escrow.  This always kept me at ease.

Prior to Sharon’s involvement, I had received an as-is offer of $250,000 for the house.  Throughout the listing period, additional offers were received.  These culminated with a $360,000 offer, that was above my asking price, and which I gladly accepted.

I am grateful for the professional talent and very caring service which Sharon rendered to me.  Because of these and other important considerations, I highly recommend real estate agent Sharon Jenkins to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home.

-David M.


To Whom It May Concern,

My husband and I were thinking about downsizing, and I mentioned this to a friend.  Without hesitation, she said “You have to talk to Sharon Jenkins.”  That was to become the best recommendation e ever received…and a recommendation I have now passed on to others.

I knew we were not selling during the best of times, but we still wanted top dollar.  Before Sharon was even our official agent, I asked her to go through our current house with me and “say out loud” what a potential buyer would see.  I wanted the opportunity to fix those things before potential buyers ever walked through.  As Sharon spoke; I took notes.  A few of her recommendations came from the typical recommendations one would hear on HGTV (de-clutter, get rid of personal photos), but more suggestions came from her experience as a real estate agent.  We made nearly every change she recommended, and our home sold in 11 days.

To get it sold, Sharon arranged for a photographer who took phenomenal pictures (I didn’t even recognize my own house!) and posted a video of our home online.  She had contacts to fix a window; she had a contact for storing extra furniture in a storage facility; she even had a contact for some to do a final cleaning on our move-out day.  Honestly, she had contact for everything we needed.

But my favorite contact was Sharon herself.  I could email or call Sharon, day or night.  She responded quickly.  As soon as we had some potential buyers for our home, we started the second part of our move, and that was to find our new place.  Sharon met us on our schedule, which meant after work or on the weekends.  In the meantime, if something came on the market, she would email us the link and we’d call back if interested.  When we started looking at places, she would point things out that I never would have thought about…for instance, a slight lift in the flooring might mean a slab leak.  A cheap fix to the furnace perhaps meant the owner did other cheap fixes we couldn’t see.  Potentially, she saved us thousands of dollars.

If I remember right, we officially signed the papers to accept our buyer’s offer at about 11:30 p.m. – a time when most real estate agents would say, “We can do this tomorrow.”  That’s obviously not how Sharon works.  She realizes and respects how important it is to her clients to close the deal and move on with their lives.

I don’t think you can do any better than working with Sharon Jenkins.  She will do everything she can to make your real estate purchase or sale a success.

-Candie H.


To Whom It May Concern,

When I expressed interest in buying a house with my son, a friend highly recommended Sharon Jenkins.  Sharon put us in touch with a mortgage broker and once we knew what we qualified for, Sharon devoted countless hours to helping us realize our dream.

Neither of us had owned a home and we were completely naïve about potential financial hazards.

But thankfully Sharon was there to point out possible disasters like buying a home with an inadequate septic system, or bordering railroad tracks, or next to shady neighbors.

She patiently taught us to negotiate a buyer’s market with low inventory and we couldn’t be happier with the home we now own, the sixth house we made an offer on!

It was a grueling and sometimes frustrating process, and I can’t imagine any one better to help us through it than Sharon Jenkins.

She always looked out for our best interests pointing out negative realities and yet cushioned our devastated emotions with positive perseverance.

Sharon Jenkins is a great realtor!

-Dorothy C.


Dear Sharon,

Kristen and I wanted to thank you for the representation you provided in both the purchase of our new home, and the sale of our last home.  As transactions go, I know this wasn’t an easy one.  I suspect it’s not common to move clients from a home in a master-planned community to a home in the country like you did for us.

On the purchase of our new home, we appreciate the way you represented us in negotiations.  It’s a unique home and property, and the sellers had lived there a very long time.  They had a very strong emotional attachment to the property, and consequently priced it too high.  With your guidance, we were able to negotiate a substantial reduction in price, and, in the sale process, we have become friends with the sellers.  I bet that doesn’t happen very often, and much of that can be attributed to your hard work.

Having our offer accepted for the new home, however, was only the first step in our conditional purchase.  We had to sell our previous home, and had to do so quickly. This was not an enviable position to be in considering the current state of the housing market.  You gave us excellent advice with regard to pricing and presenting the home, and worked quickly to prepare it for its listing on the MLS.  To our total amazement, the house was in escrow in only 15 days for an excellent price, and closed in an astonishing 36 days.  Our neighbors couldn’t believe it.

As we settle in to our new home, and think about the complexity of the transaction we just completed, we are appreciative of the dedication you gave to the deals, and your attention to detail.  We felt like we were your only clients (and have the emails and text messages to prove it).  If you ever need a reference to show future clients, or a testimonial in support of your practice, please let me or Kristen know.  We would be honored to support you in any way we can.

Very truly yours,

-Randy W.


To Whom It May Concern:

We hired Sharon Jenkins to assist us in the purchase of our home.  We had worked with other real estate professionals in the past, but Sharon surpassed our expectations in every way.

Sharon was incredibly responsive to our requests to see homes from the Ramona area in the east to Fallbrook in the North and never tired of showing us homes and spending the time we needed to find our dream home.  She gave excellent counsel and was always a step ahead of any questions we had.  Sharon was able to help us identify problems, solutions, and options we might not have thought of on our own.

Although we hope we have found the home of our dreams that we will love forever, if our circumstances change we will definitely use Sharon to help us with our sale and the purchase of another home.  We have never worked with a more personable and professional agent.

If you would like to talk with us about our experience please feel free to ask Sharon for our contact information.


-John C. and Dee L.


Dear Sharon,

Thank you so much for your steadfast effort in the sale of our home.  We did not expect it to sell in three weeks and then close in two weeks. Your hard work & commitment to task was amazing.  Thank you.

You went beyond what was expected by taking pictures and sending them to us after we had left.  And then upon request sending, at your own expense, something we had failed to pack was immeasurable.

Since our home was customized by us, it held a special meaning to us. You sensed this, and your sensitivity and heartfelt attention to task made all the difference.

Though leaving the home we loved was not easy, your quickness and attention to detail helped a great deal along with your understanding and commitment.

I and Jerry proudly recommend you to be a realtor to anyone who may desire efficiency, knowledge and empathy.


-Jerry and Paul F.


To Whom It May Concern:

Sharon Jenkins performed professionally and gracefully with our difficult home sale. We had a problem tenant that she was able to work with and around in order to schedule all of the viewings, appraisals, and required inspections.

We had moved out of state but needed Sharon’s help to sell our home remotely.  Sharon did an excellent job keeping us up to date with every communication from agents, and prospective buyers.  Not only did she do what was expected, but went over and above to make it as seamless as possible for us.  She even setup the electronic signing service that allowed us to complete most paperwork over the internet.

Our experience was a special case and filled with challenges, but Sharon always had a plan and offered great advice along the way.  I know that we would not have been successful in this sale without her and her team.

We fully endorse Sharon Jenkins as a great resource and agent for anyone considering the sale of their home.

Sincerest Regards,

-Brian and Traci W.


To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Sharon Jenkins. Sharon did an outstanding job assisting us with the sale of our home.  She was extremely professional at all times and her confident manner gave us great peace of mind during the entire process.

Since we live out of state, we relied on Sharon to handle many of the details involved in the preparation of our home for sale, i.e. painting, repairs, termite work, yard work, cleaning service, etc.  After the sale, she helped us find a moving company and prepared our home for the final walk through after all our furniture was removed and we had left to return to our home in Oregon.

We were able to sell our home within days of listing with Sharon and prior to it being listed on the MLS.  Our escrow closed in less than 30 days of our accepting a full price offer.  When we tell everyone this, they always assume that we listed our home too low.  On the contrary, Sharon did extensive market analysis and advised us to price our home above what we were advised to by other realtors in the area.

At one point during escrow, it appeared that our sale would fall through.  Sharon confidently assured us that she was ready with professional brochures, videos, advertisements and open houses to attract a new buyer should she need to do so. Thankfully, that was not the case.

Sharon was professional in every aspect of her dealings with us as well as the new buyers and their agent.  In fact, our buyers commented on what a pleasure it was for them to deal with OUR realtor!!  We highly recommend Sharon to anyone selling or buying a home.


-Roy and Linda B.

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